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Our Mission

Simplify Banking 

Our intuitive platform enables users to operate their accounts without the need of a third party

Promote Digitization

Our digital platform allows companies and individuals around the world to access their accounts at any given moment

Customize our Offer

We provide multiple global payout solutions, tailored according to our clients’ needs
Wallter ensure support

Ensure Support

Our team is available via phone or email, providing the best customer experience

Our top priorities

Compliance and operational risk management

We aim to be trusted and reliable business partner to our clients, operating with honesty, full transparency and striving for the highest standards in reputation. Therefore the compliance, operational risk management and especially money laundering and terrorist financing prevention policy are the main focus areas of Wallter which we are constantly improving and developing.

Secure online transactions

As part of the PSD2 Implementation, we adhere to Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). The SCA is implemented within our digital services, providing a secure environment and increases authorization approvals. As a result, we reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions and increase customers' confidence in our online transactions.

Wallter Timeline

March 2018
License granted & start of operations
  • The Bank of Lithuania issues Wallter’s Electronic Money Institution (EMI) Licence and the company starts operations with 2 employees.
Q2-Q3 2018
Development of services
  • Wallter team is increasing and local organization starts providing better payments solutions to clients. The Board approves Money laundering and terrorist financing prevention policy and the Compliance department grows up to 4 compliance officers.
2019 - 2020
Managing operational risks
  • Compliance and operational risk management are the main focus of Wallter. The Board approves detailed new procedures, policies and also updates for existing ones: guides on Transaction monitoring desk reference and Onboarding desk reference, update for Procedure for clients’ risk assessment, a new version of Money laundering and terrorist financing prevention policy, a new procedure for KYC refresh, new Suspicious transaction escalation procedure.
  • Wallter forms a Committee on risk and compliance.
  • Wallter performs a Company Wide Risk Assessment.
  • Deloitte is contracted to audit Wallter results for the year 2019 and findings are fully implemented into Wallter’s compliance procedures.
Q2 2020
Strategic decision to lower risk appetite
  • The management team adopts a strategic decision to lower risk acceptance and clients' portfolio starts to change, the low-risk portfolio is increasing, while the number of risky clients constantly decreases.
Q4 2020
New top management & growth of compliance team
  • Wallter appoints a new internal auditor and new top management, CCO and Country manager, who starts a company-wide renewal and systematic compliance revision.
  • Compliance department continues to grow from 7 professionals in January to 18 people in June, with a confirmed target to reach 25 employees until the end of 2021 – a new head of risk management department is appointed in March 2021.
  • The Board approves The Open source check and Retrospective transaction monitoring policies which define procedures on the usage of external opensource data for clients’ risks assessment and monitoring transactions retrospectively, also evaluating client risks.
  • The Bank of Lithuania publishes a market report, showing Wallter as 3rd largest EMI in Lithuania with 8.3% market share of the total income of all 80 EMI licensed in the country.
From Q2 2021
Updating service quality & risk management system
  • The Board approves a new management approach, that processes development and sets risk mitigation as a constant task for all major departments.  
  • Starts an internal reform to update service quality and risk management processes.
  • Major areas for improvement – client risk data management, operational risk management, strengthening remote customer identification, internal rules and procedures, growing internal functional teams.
  • In cooperation with a third party, Wallter provides more attention to retrospective transaction analysis.  
  • A new automated risk evaluation system has started its operation.
  • In June – July, the Board approves a new policy on customer onboarding procedure and new risk calculation rules. Also, approves two plans: one for seminars and competence building on money laundering and financing of terrorism and the second to strengthen its transaction monitoring procedures and AI tools dedicated to transaction monitoring. Moreover, it is appointed a new Board member responsible for AML/TF risk mitigation measures.

Managing Team

Isaac T. Armoni (Esq./MBA)

Chief Executive Officer
As Founder and CEO of Wallter, Isaac T. Armoni, ESQ. leads the company head strong and is responsible for all ongoing operations and legal matters.
Whilst promoting the banking and strategic relationships of the company, engaging in business development, monitoring the Compliance and Legal departments, He oversees all finance and daily operations for the company’s clients’ safeguarding. Prior to establishing Wallter, Isaac with his extensive legal and compliance background expertise, held a variety of positions in leading British, American and Israeli companies including: Head of Legal for a FCA regulated firm, Legal Counsel to the management of Bank Leumi (Israel’s leading bank), Knafa’im Holdings (El-Al Airlines), Avztim Venture Capital (USA).  Mr. Armoni is well established in the banking, venture capital, corporate, technology and financial services industries and often participates in tradeshow panels worldwide and publishes articles in the financial and compliance arena.
Isaac holds an LLB degree and an International MBA in Business Management (Cum Laude).

Isaac T. Armoni (Esq./MBA)

Chief Executive Officer
Banking, Compliance and Legal professional with proven 20+ years track record of success while working for various global companies and Banks. Employing his comprehensive experience in Venture Capital, IT, Start-up, Banking, Finance, Aviation, Compliance and Corporate Banking, Isaac brings his proven expertise, knowledge and network of international Banks, Affiliates, Lawyers and other service providers to Wallter. Isaac holds a LLB and IMBA (cum laude) degrees.

Meital Raviv

Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Meital is a seasoned executive with over 20 years of experience in the Hi-Tech and Fintech industry, from business strategy to "hands-on" and implementation. As a former CEO of an early-stage startup, Executive Vice President at one of Israel's largest banks, Managing Director of a Big Four professional services firm, and CDO at Israel's second-largest bank, she brings unique and wide knowledge on innovation in the financial industry. Meital is also a board member of the Israeli Fintech Association and a recognized international expert in Digital Strategy, Open Banking, and the "Future of Finance".

Shiko Haim

Chief Operations Officer
Shiko Haim is an operations executive and business professional, who concentrates on the “big picture” and does not compromise to get things done. With almost a decade of experience in managing high-level Corporate Operations, Mr. Haim has a track record in finding innovative ways to increase revenue and margins and is recognized for delivering outstanding results. At Wallter, he oversees the operations of the entire company and is in charge of the back-office and risk management fields and on the Payment Operations and CRM departments. Mr. Haim holds a B.A in Business Administration and Accounting, and he is a licensed CPA.

Meir Raviv

Chief Technology Officer
Meir Raviv is responsible for all the aspects of core software development and operational infrastructure at Wallter. With more than 20 years of experience in Software Development Management, he leads the next-generation of Wallter’s product line, applying the most advanced technology. Prior to Wallter, Mr. Raviv managed the development of multiple products while using a wide range of technologies, including a BI platform, trading systems, security, and highly-scalable enterprise applications.

Justina Milasauskiene

Chief Compliance Officer
Justina has more than 10 years of legal experience working in both in-house (banking sector) and law firms (biggest Baltic law firms, leading Fintech team). She accumulated vast experience in Fintech (EMI, PI, special purpose bank licensing and post-licencing matters, including liaising with supervision authorities), financial services and regulation, investment services, compliance, securities and capital markets, banking litigation.

Itzik Yashar-El

Chief Financial Officer
Itzik joins Wallter and brings with him more than 10 years of experience in FinTech. A hands-on, dynamic individual who manages, guides, and mentors the finance team. He leads the finance team to the next level on all financial aspects, such as - corporate reporting, budgeting, forecasting, analyses, payroll, etc. Itzik holds a B.A in Business Administration and Accounting, and is a licensed CPA.

Mihai Lescae

Operations Manager, Director
Mihai Lescae has more than 15 years of experience in the banking field. At Wallter, he is responsible for organizing and coordinating the banking services, leading the operations team in order to deliver effective financial services to clients, monitoring daily operations to ensure a smooth process, and supervising the execution of daily tasks. Mr. Lescae is managing the Romanian branch of Wallter, collaborating with heads of other units to develop the best practices for successful banking operations.

Karolis Griksas

 Internal Auditor
Karolis Griksas joins Wallter with more than 7 years of experience in Big 4 companies. As a CISA certified professional he was working with companies from banking, insurance, e-commerce, telecommunications, pharmacy, retail, logistics and manufacturing industries. At Wallter he is an internal auditor, responsible for the objective assurance to the board and management that governance, risk management and internal controls are operating effectively by implementing, and using as a guidance globally acknowledged standards issued by the Institute of Internal Auditors.

We are spread around the world

Vilnius, LIthuania

Vilniaus str. 28 | 3rd floor | LT-01402 | Vilnius | Lithuania

Bucharest, Romania

144 Gheorghe Titeica Street | Titeica business center| 020304 | District 2 | Bucharest | Romania

Tel Aviv, Israel

4 Ariel Sharon | 15th Floor | Givataim, |5320047 | Tel Aviv | Israel

We are spread around the world

Vilnius, Lithuania

Vilniaus str. 28 | 3rd floor | LT-01402 | Vilnius | Lithuania

Bucharest, Romania

144 Gheorghe Titeica Street | Titeica Business Center| 020304 | District 2 | Bucharest | Romania

Tel Aviv, Israel

4 Ariel Sharon | 15th Floor | Givataim, |5320047 | Tel Aviv | Israel